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CD Le Vin Herbé (Frank Martin) (RIAS Kammerchor)
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Editors Choice in Gramophone
Echo Award 2008
Preis der Deutsche Schallplattenkritik Jahrespreise 2008
Classical CD of the year, Daily Telegraph
Midem Classical Award 2008 (Special Jury Nomination Prize)
10 in Classica Repertoire

It's as rich as the darkest chocolate and as precisely put together as the most expensive watch. But showy, it's not.
Lawson Taitte, Dallasnews, September 2007

Gramophone, Editor’s Choice van juli 2007
Driven along with a powerful sense of urgency by Reuss, this is an intense and deeply moving performance which, complete with lavish packaging and superlative recorded sound, brings to the catalogue something which it has never had before,; a really first-rate and compelling performance of this most important of Martin scores.
Gramophone, juli 2007, Marc Rochester

Disc of the month, Opera magazine
The RIAS Chamber Choir is magnificent, giving the narration a finely judged urgency and sense of inevitability. Diction is spot-on, and Martin’s subtle part-writing is beautifully sung. Sandrine Piau realizes the role of Iseut perfectly, her voice powerful but subtly coloured. She and Steve Davislim, equally fine as Tristan, touchingly convey the lovers’ innocent bewilderment at the force of what has overwhelmed them. The conductor Daniel Reuss and the Scharoun Ensemble have really got under the skin of this luminous music, and there is particularly strong playing from the pianist Majella Stockhausen-Riegelbauer. The recording has depth and atmosphere, the set is attractively presented, and the booklet essay is very informative about the work’s background. If this recording doesn’t win an award, there is no justice in the world.
Opera Magazine, Peter Reed, juli 2007

10 in Classica Repertoire
Toute l’equipe réuni est absolument formidable, d’une elegance, d’un raffinement, d’une intelligence stylistique, mais aussi d’un invesstissement confondants. Un chef-d’oeuvre à connaitre de toute urgence – au même titre que le reste de l’oeuvre du compositeur, d’ailleurs.
Classica Repertoire, Timothée Picard, april 2007

a 10 from Classica Repertoire
Altogether the ensemble is absolutely fantastic, with astounding elegance, refinement, and stylistic intelligence and engagement. A masterpiece – as is the rest of the composer’s oeuvre, by the way – to get acquainted with right away.
Classica Repertoire, Timothée Picard, april 2007

It is everything that Martin might have hoped for, with the rhythms of heightened speech articulated exactly and crystal-clear diction that makes every word count. […]
Reuss seems to relish the way in which the work stands magnificently between two traditions, the French and the German, uniquely combined in Frank Martin. Playful Gebrauchsmusik.
International Record Review, Christopher Cook, april 2007

Classical CD of the year 2007.
My discovery of the year: a retelling of the Tristan and Isolde legend wrapped up in a mixture of neo-Classicism and Romanticism and given a beautifully nuanced performance and recording.
This Berlin-based recording is simply stupendous, with Sandrine Piau and Steve Davislim lyrically charged as the doomed lovers, the unrivalled RIAS Chamber Choir suitably detached in its narration and the splendid Scharoun Ensemble - members of the Berlin Philharmonic - projecting every detail of Martin's resourceful instrumentation. The beautifully nuanced recorded sound caps an essential release for anyone interested in the forgotten byways of mid-20th-century music.
Telegraph, Matthew Rye, may 2007

Voici donc un enregistrement magistral que l'on en peut que recommander à chacun qui est disposé à se laisser envoûter par une composition qui n'est certainement pas facile, mais, à mon avis, hautement enrichissante.
Excellentia Award Pizzicato Luxemburg

**** Conductor Daniel Reuss and the Berlin radio chamber choir previously released an HM disc of Stravinsky's "Les Noces," and this two-disc set of "Le Vin Herbé" boasts the same primary virtue: an intense beauty of sound. This richness is ideal for Martin's sound palette, all wine red and bronze. The soloists excel at conveying passion as pain, especially radiant French soprano Sandrine Piau.
The Star-Legder (New Jersey), Bradley Bambarger, juli 2007

Daniel Reuss and his performers treat this work of remarkable understatement as if it is infinitely treasurable.
Irish Times, Michael Dervan, 29 juni 2007

Het engagement van Reuss en de zijnen getuigt van groot begrip en liefde voor dit onvermoede, onderhuids heel emotionele meesterwerk met al zijn gevoelens en schoonheid.
Jan de Kruijff, Audio-Muziek.nl, juli 2007

Dirigent Reuss heeft met deze Vin Herbé na zijn opname van Stravinsky’s Mass en Les Noces andermaal een geweldige cd gemaakt. (…) overtreft alle bestaande registraties….
Parool, EV, september 2007

[…] etherische, glaszuivere uitvoering onder leiding van Reuss […]
De Volkskrant, juni 2007

Het Rias Kammerchor zingt meesterlijk, veelal koel verhalend, maar ook ingetogen emotioneel waar daartoe aanleiding is. Sandrine Piau en de jonge Australische tenor Steve Davislim vertolken schitterend hun rollen als de verdoemde geliefden. De instrumentalisten van het Scharoun-ensemble leveren hun bescheiden bijdragen met geacheveerd spel. Dat de aandacht tot het einde van de tweede schijf geheel behouden blijft, mag met ere op het conto van Daniel Reuss geschreven worden.
Luister, juni 2006

The RIAS-Kammerchor and Scharoun Ensemble, conducted by Daniel Reuss, give the piece a luminous performance. The choral sound is radiant and beautifully blended, and the soloists -- Sandrine Piau, Steve Davislim, and Jutta Böhnert -- sing with sweet, pure, unaffected tone. Harmonia Mundi's sound is clean, lively, and atmospheric. This recording reveals Le vin herbé as the masterpiece it is, and ought to bring it the broader public attention it deserves.
Stephen Eddins, All Music Guide, may 2007

Daniel Reuss has shown his sympathies with the Swiss master an earlier disc of the Mass and the Ariel Songs from The Tempest. His singers and instrumentalists show themselves completely attuned to this exalted score and sensitive to its luminous textures and powerful sense of mystery. The choir has perfect intonation and tonal blend. Expertly balanced recording too. In all, a wonderful issue.
BBC Music Magazin, Robert Layton, may 2007

Reuss, recognising the work’s ritualistic nature, allows it to unfold unhurriedly, and both the Rias Kammerchor and the Scharoun Ensemble relish Martin’s impeccably crafted, emotionally subtle challenge.
Times Online, may 2007

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